Vanguard QS-40 3/8" Camera Screw Quick Shoe Compatible with Vanguard Tracker Series, Some Alta+, and Some MG Series Tripods

  • $24.95

Quick shoes allow fast and easy mounting and removal of cameras on your tripod head. This sliding adaptor mounts to the base of your camera for a simple one click attachment to your tripod. The QS-40 with 3/8" camera screw fits Vanguard tripod models Tracker S, Trackers 1,2,3,4, Trackers B-100, B-200, Alta+234AB, Alta+264AB, MG-8 & MG-8OS.

  • Quick shoe for Vanguard tripods
  • Compatible with all Tracker series except the B-300, Alta+ 234AB, Alta+ 264AB, MG-8, and MG-8 OS
  • 3/8" camera mounting screw