Yes, it's finally Spring and it's time to take advantage of all the great picture opportunities that this time of year brings. Picnics, graduations and other family gatherings along with the actual arrival of warmer weather naturally lends itself to picture taking. But what if you want to expand your photo wings this season? Well, a good start would be to take a few minutes & read the suggestions that my pal Me Ra Koh and co. share in her latest web article from babble.com called "18 Ways To Grow Your Photography This Spring". Me Ra is now sharing her photographic tips on a series of short instructional video segments that are now airing on the "Disney Junior " cable network and the tips shared here will certainly expand your photographic creativity and as a result, better photos this spring!

Another way we can help is to teach you a little bit more about your camera and a perfect opportunity is if you join us on Thursday evening (4/11) for our monthly "Digital SLR Basics" class. We'll meet at the back of the store at 6:30 PM and take an hour or so and teach you to get out of the "automatic" mode and take advantage of all the creative functions of your camera. So come join us this Thursday! All you need to bring is your camera & a smile!

FYI: A small but important change in our store hours - We are now closed on Saturdays & will be open Sundays 10-6 

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