With yesterday (Easter) being a prime picture taking holiday and the start of Spring upon us, we think that our 2 upcoming camera basics classes can be extremely helpful to anyone who is taking the time to read this blog post.  If you've found that the quality of the images you might have taken yesterday are not as you think they should be, or are taking photos with your phone and saying to yourself "now what?", (Like the photo below that I took yesterday at a sunrise Easter service in Fairfield with my phone -if I only thought of bringing my camera at 6 in the morning!) then we can help!


A study conducted recently by the NPD Group found that while everyday photos are increasingly captured on a camera phone, consumers are less likely to rely on camera phones to record memories of more important events such as a vacation.Vacationers, according to the findings, are more likely to reach for a traditional camera for images to share with others and keep as family memories.

Another study from the same research group found that male consumers are attracted to the technology of  DSLR & mirrorless hybrid cameras, particularly the ability to use interchangeable lenses and their advanced features. Female camera purchasers, however, look for quality images and ease of use in a camera. A camera that is easy to carry and shoots continuously appeals to females, although they are less likely to look for HD video capability.

What with all the new features and improvements on the current crop of cameras, we realize that there isn't a "perfect camera" for every person who comes to buy one at the store. And we also realize that there's a lot of folks out there that feel that they're technology challenged and that keeps them from getting great photos. Let us help you with our 2 camera basics classes that are coming up in April. We start with our "Digital Point & Shoot Basics" class this coming Thursday (4/4) where we'll show you why even a basic point & shoot camera can outperform most any camera phone & give you some excellent images! We'll follow that with our monthly "Digital SLR Basics" class the following Thursday (4/11). Yes, there are features that appeal to males & females differently, but the one feature that will appeal to everyone is that they take extraordinary images! Come learn how  ! The classes are an hour long & start promptly at 6:30 PM.  Don't forget to bring your camera & a smile!

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