Nikon introduced 2 long awaited lenses yesterday that will be hard to get in it's first run. We suggest you contact us if you're interested & pre-order. Call us @ 877-ecamera today! First, we have the  AF-S Nikkor 24mm f 1.4G ED.  This very fast, super-wide, premium aspherical lens will be of interest to both APS-C (where it's a 36mm-e ƒ/1.4) and full-frame shooters. This lens will offer an amazing 84-degree picture angle on an FX-format body (61 for DX-format). It will be available in late March for $2199. The other lens is  a   16–35mm f4 that will appeal to shooters that wants a fast lens without breaking the bank . It's the widest lens in Nikon's line-up to come with their VR II  image stabilization system, which Nikon claims can compensate up to 4 stops. Available before the end of this month, this lens will sell for $1259. These lenses will be hard to get a hold of initially, so contact us to pre-order & get first dibs on these 2 hot items. More portrait tips and some new Canon Powershots to go over tomorrow. Also, we've got our Point & Shoot mini -class tonight at 7PM, right here at the store.

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