Here's another tip for taking a great portrait of your loved one for Valentine's Day... Tip #3- Use Natural Lighting Natural lighting can make a big difference in making a portrait look well, naturall! If a straight flash is used, the lighting is often harsh and not very appealing. Ambient light from a nearby window or setting your camera flash on “fill” can add a very intimate feel to the image. Use early-morning or late-afternoon sun streaming in when possible – just the thought will evoke a warm response. This portrait of Roman was taken with a combination of ambient light from a window to his left and fill flash (notice the "catch lights" in his eyes). The use of both filled in his facial features yet allowed for a "soft" tone to his face & the overall photo. (Photo by Fred Bonilla) At Camera Wholesalers, we've got tools that can help you make a better "natural light." Tools like reflectors and soft lighting sources that give that natural feel plus the reliable availability of artificial light. Ask any of our sales associates about them the next time you come in. We'll cover which type of lens or lens setting you should use in our next "tip".

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