First off, many thanks to the 18 (yes, 18!) students  that came to our "Basic Digital SLR" class last night.  A good time was had by all yet we hope it was informative as well, resulting in some great pictures ! A subtle reminder to those who don't know or haven't taken advantage of our "Digital Days" special! You can still register to any (or all) of the classes we're giving on June 4th & 5th and get a 30% discount by going to and enter the code "CAMERAWH30" at check out. We're really excited to be hosting these classes along with Sony & Pop Photo Magazine & urge anyone who wants some top-notch photo education to join us! FYI: David Pogue, in his weekly technology article & blog in The New York Times had some nuggets of advice for anyone who considers themselves "tech-challenged". The one great piece of photo advise is something I share in our weekly point & shoot basics class about eliminating shutter lag..."The half-press trick eliminates the frustrating delay when you press a pocket camera’s shutter button. Frame your shot, then half-press the shutter button. The camera beeps when it has locked focus — and that’s the time-consuming part. When pushed the rest of the way down, you snap the picture instantly. No lag!". To see the rest of his tips, click here:  Happy weekend, everybody!

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