I know you’d love to take great sports photos like this one at Met Life Stadium (by CWS' own Todd Gaines) but you’d be satisfied to get a non-blurry shot of your loved one in action. Either way, tomorrow's class is for you! We're holding our quarterly Sports and Action Photography Class with CWS photo educator Fred Bonilla this Thursday evening  (9/29) at 7PM, right here in the store. We always get a good turnout for this class so for those who couldn’t make it previously, and for first time shooters, here's your chance to sit in on an hour of tips and tricks for capturing that fast moving subject. If you want to shoot sports, action or something a little more extreme, you don’t want to miss this!  Bring your camera, your questions, and a smile! For those who cannot make it tomorrow night, we'll teach the class one more time this year on November 10th. We'll soon be coming to the end of our classes for the year. Our last class of 2011 will be on November 17th and will not resume until January 7th,2012, so if you want to take part in our classes, please check our schedule to the right of our blog post & come join us! Postscript (9/30/11) - Thanks so much to the 13 folks who came out last night for the class. We appreciated the good fun and spirited discussion and we hope you got some great tips to catch some serious action shots! Back to basics with our next 2 classes with "Digital Point & Shoot Basics" on 10/6 & "Digital SLR Basics" on 10/13.

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