An interesting article from Yahoo News that was posted today speaks of a trend that we have certainly seen coming; While the sales of point & shoot cameras have gone down 30% within the last year, the sales of DSLR cameras have gone UP 22% in the same period. In the article written by Sean Captain, it is stated that not only are the sales of cameras up, but sales of lenses, flashes & other camera accessories are up, too. The reason? Speaking of the trend, Chris Chute, an analyst at IDC said that " This isn't just a matter of people buying better gear because it looks cool. They are actually learning how to use it." We can certainly attest that camera owners are eager to learn about their equipment and how to use it by the attendance of our weekly basic photo classes and the reaction of the students when they learn new tips & techniques on how to take better pictures. In nearly 4 years, we had the privilege of teaching over 1,000 students the joy of photography and it's application in many aspects of their lives. The pleasure has been ours in teaching them and the question to you is simply this; If you haven't joined us yet, what are you waiting for? Our next class this coming Thursday is our monthly "Digital SLR Basics" at 6:30 PM, right here in the store and consider this your invitation to come join us with a camera and a smile as we take you out of "auto" and show you what your camera can do! Keep in mind that there are still some great summer savings on Nikon & Canon DSLRs (Sony, too!) so if you'd like to join the growing ranks of "serious" camera owners, we'll find the perfect one for you! See you soon! (Photo by Fred Bonilla/ Cyanotype Effect By Be Funky)

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