It's the beginning of the dog days of summer and we're just giving you a heads-up that we're open and have some of the hottest, most requested cameras in stock now, so if you need a camera before you go off on vacation, give us a call or come in! We're currently have the Nikon D3200 DSLR in both Black & Red (as shown above) with an incredible 24 megapixel sensor, PopPhoto's 2012 camera of the year, the Sony NEX 7 , the greatly reviewed Cybershot HX-30 and RX100  and the always demanded Canon PowerShot G12 among other cameras and we have the perfect camera if you're looking for one! We're open regular store hours throughout the summer so come check us out or give us a call! An article from the Wall Street Journal last week has made us aware of a new trend that makes the average person to look twice & go "Huh?!?" Allow a quote from the article to take it from here: "Picture this: It’s day three of your long-awaited and well-deserved beach vacation. You and your beau are lounging on the sand. A calm breeze blows by and you’re sipping a tropical drink.If only you had a photographer on hand to snap some high-definition shots of this picture-perfect moment. Dream big. Well, you don’t have to dream that big! Believe it or not, some vacationers are hiring photographers at their vacation destinations to be sure that they preserve their vacation memories in top-quality photos. For trendsetters like these, photographers are a necessary vacation expense, much like the must-have beach bag of the season.The going rate? $800 per hour". Here's the article along with a short video from WSJ's website. While we wouldn't disparage the opportunity for someone to have a perfectly composed & lit beachside shot of their family & loved ones, $800 may be a bit stiff. Allow us to get you a great camera to take that picture and teach you how to use it for LESS! (And enjoy it as well!) Our next In store camera class is our monthly "Digital SLR Basics" this coming Thursday (July 19th) at 6:30 PM. We thank the 11 students who came last Thursday for our "Digital Point& Shoot Basics" class and invite everyone to join us on a Thursday evening. Our class schedule for the summer can be found by clicking onto our "Class Schedule" to the left side of our website's opening page. Happy Weekend, Everyone !

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