This week, I was going to cover "Panorama Stitch" in our next installment of  cool new digital camera features but just yesterday, Nikon introduced a new Coolpix digital point & shoot that is so Totally Unique, we just had to tell you about it. Introducing the S1000PJ , the first digital camera with a built in LCD  projector!  (Click the product name for a short video!)  What will they think of next!?! image is a simulation or for illustrative purposes only.  12.1 megapixels, ISO sensitivity of up to 6400 & a 5 way stabilization system including motion detection that knows when an object is moving and auto adjusts the ISO and shutter speed are a few of the ADDITIONAL features of this camera, which Nikon says will be available sometime in mid September. Panorama stitch next week,  I promise...  By the way, Point & Shoot Digital miniclass tomorrow at 7 PM!

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