Christmas is over, 2011 has begun and that can only mean one thing for all the tech geeks and gadget hounds out there: CES! Yes the annual Consumer Electronics Show decended upon Las Vegas this last weekend, and with it, all the new gadgets that will fill the stores in the next few weeks. Among them are the latest in photographic equiptment, and you can see a slideshow from Pop Photo highlighting the hottest new photo gear by clicking onto the following link: . While you're there, please check out details on the  "Digital Days" event we're having with Sony & Pop Photo by clicking onto the "Digital Days" ad. We may or may not carry each of these items in the slideshow, but the 3D camcorder from Sony sounds promising, and the last item featured in the slide show marks the return of a digital point & shoot with a viewfinder! Hooray! A reminder that our 1st DSLR Basics class of the year is this Thursday (1/13) at 7 PM in the store.

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