We had a great time last night with the 10 folks that came to our first point & shoot class of the year. Every student seemed eager to use the new modes & techniques they learned. And we're looking forward to the 1st DSLR basics class of the year next Thursday (January 13th-7PM at the store). But what if you have a question & need help NOW? Waiting a week won't cut it if you have an event or important thing to shoot this weekend. You can, of course call or come in & see us. We'll be happy to help you with any questions you have during any of our business hours. But let us introduce you to an online resource set up to help you in a pinch, courtesy of Nikon & Canon... Nikon Digitutor, from Nikon USA is an interactive website with various information that includes basic knowledge, useful techniques, and tips on taking good photos with Nikon digital cameras. If you go to the dedicated link to the Nikon camera you own, you'll find video & slide show instruction on the major features and functions of each camera. It's like a multimedia instruction manual at your fingertips! It covers older Nikon cameras, as well so if you own a D40 or D200 and still have questions, the Digitutor can help you as well! Canon's educational website is called the Canon Digital Learning Center and in addition to step by step video tutorials on each EOS camera, you can also download a series of Canon QuickGuides, printable PDF cheat sheets that are helpful tools to carry around in your camera bag for quick reference or to read from your computer for step-by-step guidance on specific product features and techniques. You can get to meet the Canon Explorers of Light, 60 of the world's most prominent photographers who share their stories & techniques online. This site is chockful with information & resources that can help you with any inquiry you have with an EOS camera. These are only 2 of the many online sites set up by the various photo companies we carry. If you click onto the "Manufacturers" page at the top of our website page (next to "Dogs of CW", if you wish to meet our canine colleagues), you can access the websites of each of the photo manufacturers we carry. Manfrotto, Olympus and Leica among others have great informative websites that be accessed through this page. So you can access all the information you need with a click of a mouse, yet nothing replaces the human touch! So, use these resources when needed and come join us next Thursday at 7, or come see us at the store anytime! Also check out our event calender for classes thru the end of February. FYI: The Westport Arts Center has an interesting hands-on event involving families and photography this Sunday afternoon (1/9). Part of their "WACky Family Days" events, children of all ages can participate in a range of photography related activities with leading professional photographers. Admission per child is $10, with adults and kids under 2 FREE! For more details, go to their website: http://www.westportartscenter.org/

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