We've gotten a number of phone calls & inquiries on our upcoming classes this month. So here they are: Tonight (October 7th) - No in store class so everyone can enjoy our "Evening with John Issac" at the Turn of River Firehouse (7 PM - See our post below). Thursday October 14 - We will have a Basic DSLR Class for Sony Alpha owners given by Sony, here at the store at  7 PM. Any Sony Alpha owner who bought their camera at Camera Wholesalers can take this class for free. Anyone else who would like to take this class can do so for $49, a bargain for the topics covered. Call or email us if you're interested in attending. Thursday October 21st - Digital Point & Shoot Basics Class - 7PM at the store. Thursday October 28th - Digital SLR Basics Class - 7 PM at the store. Our 'Sports & Action Photography Basics" class has been very popular & well recieved, and a number of folks couldn't make it last week because of the inclement weather. So, for those folks, and anyone else who wants to take part, we're doing it ONE MORE TIME! It'll take place on Thursday, November 4th at 7PM, right here at the store.

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