It's comically ironic that as we taught & spoke about sports & action photography last weekend, an errant moment occured that resulted in perhaps the best sports photo ever taken! (Photo by Mark Pain of The London Daily Mail) To quote CBS News, "On Saturday, Tiger Woods was playing in the Ryder Cup in England. He's surrounded by fans and photographers. Then he shanks the shot. The ball is coming right at the camera. Mark Pain took this once in a lifetime shot. And yes, it hit the camera and him. But what was it like to get that shot? Pain said on "The Early Show" from London he got the shot by "pretty much instinct." Pain explained, "As a photographer it's a great moment there to see Tiger amongst the fans so closely, and it's great for them, as well, to see it. But you're totally focusing on Tiger, his expressions because, once the ball goes past you, you still have moments to capture. He can throw his club away. He can celebrate. He can do whatever he normally does. But you just focus totally on Tiger." Pain also showed "Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith his camera, which survived the blow. Pain said, "The camera's fine. Nikon 3DS. It's taken a bit of a knock here, but it's absolutely perfect. It's only a month old." (FYI: While the camera made it thru, the lens on the camera, according to other sources did NOT!) To read the full article from CBS News' "The Early Show", please click here: Please join us tomorrow night for our "Evening with John Issac" at the Turn of River Firehouse (See our post below) & Our Sony Tent Show Weekend on Friday & Saturday at the store (More info tomorrow!)

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