If you've recently picked up a Canon Rebel DSLR and need a hand in getting to know the camera, this is your lucky week! We'll be having a special 90 minute class on the Canon Rebel cameras on Thursday evening July 25th, starting at 6 PM.
The Canon Rebel series are the best selling DSLR's worldwide and with good reason! CWS instructor Fred Bonilla will be highlighting and reviewing the functions on the Rebel series cameras. Using images and real time projected function displays, we'll cover camera settings and explore shooting techniques for a variety of situations. While the T series cameras are the main subjects of the class, you can benefit from this class if you own an X series camera as well! Our previous camera specific class (on the Nikon D3100/5100) was well attended & garnered rave reviews so you don't want to miss this! That's Thursday 7/25 and we'll start at a special time - 6 PM. 
Please refer to our class schedule for our other Thursday evening classes throughout the month of September and please note that we will not have a class on Thursday, August 15th.  The "Baby, Infant & Child Photography " class previously scheduled for this date has been rescheduled for September 19th.

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