It's been a wonderful summer so far and it's a good possibility that you've haven't taken your summer vacation yet. If so, you may decide to travel light and take your point & shoot camera instead of a DSLR (if you own one). And if it's the only type of camera you own, you want to be sure that it will take the quality pictures you want to capture your special time away (stay-cations count as well!).
Here's some help...the good folks at just posted a helpful article called "10 tips for when your point & shoot is your only camera"   and you'll be surprised how much better your photos will come out if any (or all ) of these tips are followed! If you need the human touch, we'll be going back the the basics the next two weeks in our Thursday night classes with  "Digital Point & Shoot Basics" this Thursday night (8/1) and "Digital SLR Basics" the following Thursday (8/8).  Both of the classes will start at 6:30 PM and we welcome any one out there that needs a hand in using your camera to it's fullest potential!

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