Next up on our list of holiday gift ideas is a radical new way to diffuse and shape the light that comes out of your accessory flash. I guess that's why they call it the "Rogue FlashBender". Here's some info on the product ,which was just awarded Popular Photography's  2010 "POP Award" for Outstanding Photo Products: ExpoImaging Rogue FlashBenders is a system of unique shapeable light modifiers for shoe mount flash that enable unparalleled control for strobe lighting enthusiasts.   Manufactured to meet the demanding needs of location photographers, FlashBenders’ patent pending design provides complete control over the shape of the reflector.   FlashBenders represent a new approach to controlling light. FlashBenders are positionable.  You can bend a FlashBender into almost any position, and it will assume that shape, staying in position until you re-form it. FlashBenders are made from the highest quality materials, including genuine Cordura nylon and genuine Velcro fasteners.  FlashBenders' white reflective surfaces are made from a durable, wipeable, synthetic fabric which has been tested for neutrality so that it won't alter the color temperature of the reflected light from a strobe. Rogue FlashBenders fit a wide range of shoe mount flash brands, including:  Canon, Konica, Metz, Minolta, Nikon, Nissin, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Quantum, Sigma, Sony and Vivitar. There are 3 models: The Bounce Card model with single positioning rod is priced at $29.95, The Small Reflector model, with two rods, costs $34.95 and the Large Reflector model, which includes three positioning rods, is priced at $39.95.  A great stocking stuffer for the strobist in your family! You can get more information by going to Holiday gift item #4 is a point & shoot that's considered a step above the rest...Tell you about it on Friday!


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