We had a great "Holiday Photos" class last night,  and if you missed it, no worries for we're here to help you get the best holiday photos EVER! (in 2 installments...)

According to a recent survey taken by Decipher Inc., 85 % of respondents will send out the same amount of holiday cards this year that they sent out last year (or more!). Even in the age of Instragram and Facebook, it appears that " there is an indescribable joy in receiving a personalized holiday card in the mail from friends and family,” says Meg Bohnert, who worked on the survey. Personalized holiday cards have become so central to holiday celebrations that creating the card itself has become a favorite tradition for many families". With that in mind, the survey also noted that over half of families (57% to be exact) take their holiday picture to include in these cards in either November or December. Almost a quarter of the same respondants (23%) will use a professional photographer to take the family photo.

We can come up with 2 conclusions based on this survey: You probably haven't taken your family's holiday photo yet, and you'll probably doing it on your own!  This fact can send shivers up the spines of many folks in Fairfield County, but fear not, amigos! We're here to help you take the best holiday photo ever! From NBC's Today Show website, here's a great video on taking great holiday card photos! Topics covered among the 10 tips in the article & video include posing & positioning, clothing and standing in a way that can take off 10 pounds (Cool!) Another important tip? Relax!!! (Only 32 shopping days till Christmas, by the way!)

While there are many great common sense tips in the video to help you, none of them actually involve photographic settings or technique. For that important part of the equation, come back to the blog on Monday for some tips on what settings to use and other camera tips to get that perfect holiday shot! And once you've gotten that shot, Camera Wholesalers has a perfect card layout among the many choices our HP Photo Smart system offers! Have a great weekend & happy shooting! (4X8 holiday card photo courtesy of HP)

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