I know you'd love to take great sports photos like these (by our CWS friend Marc Farb) but you'd be satisfied to get a non-blurry shot of your loved one in action. Either way, tomorrow night is for you! Due to popular demand, we are holding our Sports and Action Photography Class one more time with CWS photo educator Fred Bonilla tomorrow evening  (11/4) at 7PM, right here in the store. We had a great turnout last time, even with inclement weather and for those who couldn't make it the last time, and for first time shooters, here your last chance this year to sit in on an hour of tips and tricks for capturing that fast moving subject. If you want to shoot sports, nature or something a little more extreme, you don’t want to miss this! Bring your camera, your questions, and your smile. BTW, we've expanded our reach on social media by posting our blog posts and latest news on Facebook! Look us up and join us to recieve sales and special event information, our informative photo articles and more. We're also on Twitter (as @877ecamera) so click and tweet us and join in on the fun! We've also started to recieve many of the hot new cameras & accessories that we've talked about the last few weeks, including the Canon PowerShot S95, a camera that so moved The NY Times' David Pogue that he wrote a love letter to it!!! (Click here to see it : http://tinyurl.com/2ebm3tk) We also have some Sony A33 & 55's, Nikon P7000 and Coolpix 8100's & more. Call or email us today! (Photos courtesy of Marc Farb)

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