Are you ready for some Black Friday sanity? Maybe you JUST missed out on that 100 inch flatscreen you waited hours on line for? Or you and 7 other rabid shoppers are playing musical chairs for that doorbuster appliance...only realizing that there's only one per store? Enough of the madness! If you want to see some REAL values, click on the page below to see Canon's Black Friday flyer with some FANTASTIC sales on the best selling cameras on the planet! And if you have some questions on any of these products, join us for our "Canon Day" on Sunday, December 1st from 10 AM to 4 PM when Peter Essex & Jared Powers of Canon will be here to show off their wares and also offer you a free print from their Pro printers!flyer page 1

Bring a digital image (on a memory card, preferably) & Canon will print it for you to keep (up to 13x19" - one image per customer) to show the extraordinary quality of their Pro printers. So, CHILLAX! Get some sleep, a good cup of coffee and join us today & Sunday here at Camera Wholesalers!

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