We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend...We had a pretty good Black Friday & Canon Day went well. Now, the fun begins and with it what to get that special someone for Christmas. So in continuing a CWS blog tradition, we will offer 12 holiday gift ideas in our annual holiday buying guide, starting  right here on Wednesday December 4th....A hint for item #1....What would go perfectly with a GoPro camera?  Hmmm...

Shifting gears a little bit, we wish to congratulate CWS customer and fine art photographer Robert Carley on the opening of 3 photo exhibits throughout the state this week. Mr Carley documented what he calls “the artistic expressions of grief,” after the tragic events in Newtown last December 14th, traveling throughout Connecticut, New Jersey, the Bronx, Philadelphia, central PA, and Boston to photograph everything he saw. You can find more information here in this article from the Newtown Bee.


(Photo by Robert Carley)

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