Hard to believe, but today marks the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, the music festival and "happening" that changed the world as we know it. It also marks the anniversary of an iconic photo that was taken, and is remembered by the "hippie" generation and others in the same way as Alfred Eisenstadt's " Times Square Kiss" photo was to the WW2 and Baby Boomer generations. And it speaks to the power of photography & the memories it can evoke. Jim Farber, in his article which discovered the whereabouts of the 2 young folks below for the N.Y. Daily News recollects ... "Of all the images snapped during the original Woodstock weekend, this one stood above all: a young couple huddled together in a blanket, standing alone in a sea of people lying on wet ground. It's an enduring image of love, care and protection that earned legendary status through its placement on the cover of the original "Woodstock" album in 1970, as well as on the movie poster. Forty years later, the couple in the photo - Nick and Bobbi Ercolni, both 60 - remain together. They married two summers after the fabled weekend, and they still live less than an hour's drive from the original concert site of Bethel, N.Y., and within spitting distance of where they both grew up. And still going strong in 2009 - the couple, now both age 60, reprise their iconic pose nearly 40 years later. Nick Ercoline works for the Orange County, N.Y., Department of Housing. And Bobbi is a resident nurse at the elementary school in their hometown of Pine Bush.  Their photograph landed on the cover of the Woodstock album and movie poster, but they said they don't even remember it being taken. "We weren't striking a pose. We were as surprised as everybody to see that photo on the album cover. As to why their photo was chosen, Nick has a theory. "It's peaceful, which is what the event was about," he says. "And it's an honest representation of a generation. When we look at that photo I don't see Bobbi and me. I see our generation." To read the full article, click onto the link below: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/music/2009/07/07/2009-07-07_woodstocks_undercover_lovers_.html#ixzz0OHYK8AM4 And in the spirit of Woodstock, we wish you " Peace, Love & Music"... and GREAT PHOTOS!

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