Our new HP Photosmart lab been up & running for a few weeks now & the reviews are in:  People Love It!!!!!!!!photo-books-header 2a The new state of the art kiosks are extremely user friendly & allow you to make standard prints as well as unique photo items such as posters, calenders & photo books that you walk out of the store with, usually in less than an hour (Take that, Lenscrafters!) When you come in, take a look at a few samples of product from the lab that our store staff  created. You'll see that this new Camera Wholesalers service will take your photos to a whole new level! By the way, a photo industry magazine quoted Jason and Camera Wholesalers in their latest issue as a camera dealer that's using new & innovative techniques to meet customer's needs. Click onto the following link to see the article : http://www.photoreporter.com/article.asp?issueID=&num=10&vol=17&articleType=n&articleID=2916

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