Rik Fairlie wrote in the New York Times that " If you got a new digital camera over the holidays, you probably got a point-and-shoot model. True, if you point that sort of camera at something and push the big button on top of the case, you will take a picture. That doesn’t mean, necessarily, that you will have taken a good one. The not-so-dirty, not-so-little secret about even the simplest point-and-shoot cameras is that they work best if you know just a tiny bit about what’s going on when you snap a picture." If you fit that category, tonight's class in our store at 7PM is for you! In an hour or so, we'll show you by step by step instruction what your little digital wonder can do,and we guarantee you'll be able to take a better picture when we're done at 8 PM! And for the folks that got a digital SLR, your turn will be next Thursday! ( January 13th). It's our effort to help you enjoy your camera, better know the joys of photography and help perserve images & memories for a lifetime. Later this spring, our friends at Nikon & Canon will come and have a full evening of classes for those who bought a digital SLR from us (Dates & details to come...). We'll also have Joe McNally, one of the most prominent photographers working today coming to speak about his work and how he got his world-famous shots. And down the road, Sony and Pop Photo magazine will be joining us for "Digital Days", a 2 day intensive photo and video workshop taught by professional photo instructors. That'll take place on June 4th and 5th and you can get more details by going to the workshop's website :http://www.digitaldaysphoto.com/ In the meanwhile, come join us!  Bring your cameras & your smiles! Call or e-mail us if you have any questions. That's 7 PM tonight, right here at the store!

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