We'll be having our last "Mirrorless Camera Basics" class of the year this Thursday (10/17) at 6:30 PM, right here in our store. This class is specifically designed for owners of the Nikon 1, Sony NEX, Canon EOS M, Olympus PEN & Fuji X cameras and will cover the unique features of these cameras and how to use them to their full capabilities. An hour of fun & can you pass that up?!?  Come join us tomorrow at 6:30.

Speaking of mirrorless cameras, Sony just made an announcement that brings the level of this type of camera up a notch (or two!). We'll give you our take on this announcement next week, but if you click here, you can read about Sony's new FULL-FRAME mirrorless cameras (The Alpha 7 & 7R) from a blogpost by

Also, please note that we are changing our store hours on Fridays, effective October 18th.  Our hours on Fridays will now be 10 AM to 4 PM, so please plan accordingly.

(Photo by Andriy Andriyevskyy)

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