1470764A number of high school students in our area are still taking film photography classes and buying all our supply of black & white film and enlarging paper (thank you!)  So much so that we COMPLETELY sold out of Tri-X film...We're happy to let you know that we have a fresh supply of 35mm Tri-X film again! But do not delay...Based on our sales, we may run out of it again very soon!
Just about every student that buys this film asks what makes this film unique & why it's the choice for film classes. The best description I found online was from a blogger called filmcamera999 who described Tri-X like this;
I can tell you that soon as I saw my shots printed out, my eyeballs almost fell out! I had never seen such beautiful photos, except in books of course; sharp, crisp whites and deep, dark black shadows, with shades in between; I was hooked!
So that was my first introduction to Tri X, a film that is still going strong and should be the one film, if not the only one, that every aspiring photographer, amateur or professional, should never be without.The film’s history goes back at least 50 years. The speciality about Tri X is that it has a superb emulsion coating that gives unbeatable contrast with incredible sharpness, with only a slight hint of grain, making it ideal for moody shots."
With the bankruptcy & reorganization of Kodak, we weren't sure that Tri-X would even be manufactured again! (Thankfully, it is by Kodak Alaris) For the immediate future, students can develop/ print & see the beauty that this film can capture before their own eyes!
Enough for analog! Our class for the week is  "Digital SLR Basics" and we'll be meeting in the back of the store on Thursday (10/10) at 6:30 PM

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