For those of you that think that mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras like the Olympus PEN described below is a fad that will soon go away, the announcement today that Nikon has come out with a new camera system that brings them into the small size interchangeable lens camera club with Olympus, Sony and Panasonic may just change their minds! The system will be called the "Nikon 1"  with the basic model being called the Nikon J1 (shown here in White). and the advanced model being called the Nikon V1 (with a built in viewfinder - shown in Black). Details on the 2 cameras will be highlighted in future posts, but the system will be accessorized with it's own set of lenses, a dedicated flash of it's own and an adapter that will allow you to use your current Nikon DSLR lenses. Nikon says these cameras will be available for purchase by November 1st. Cameras of these types have been 40% of the advanced cameras sold in Japan in the last year,with brisk sales in Europe as well. Will 2011 be the year that these cameras will catch on in the U.S. ?  This holiday season will allow for a number of choices for the camera consumer looking for a better camera. For those who can't wait, initial details are available on . Our free in store class this week is "Digital SLR Basics' at 7 PM tomorrow night (9/22) - Come join us for an hour of helpful tips and instruction on how to use your camera! Please note that our class schedule has been updated up to the end of February 2012 and our last class of the year will be on November 17th. Random Notes: Dog lovers like us were heartwarmed by the story of Teresa Berg of Dallas, Texas, a professional pet photographer who specializes in glamour shots for shelter dogs. She believes that thousands of dogs are euthanized every year simply because the photos posted on adoption sites show them caged & in a totally unflattering light. Several years ago, she started volunteering to retake dogs' photos for a dachshund rescue group (with adoptions of these dogs doubling when new photos were taken), and now she encourages other professional photographers to donate their services and teaches shelter employees to take more appealing pet photos. For a video of her work , click onto this link from CBS News:;mostpopvideo . (Images Courtesy of Nikon USA)

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