So you're a camera user that would feel more comfortable if you had a viewfinder on your compact point & shoot. You're looking to upgrade your current p&s, but finding that your choices have become very limited! Just about every manufacturer has gone to cameras without viewfinders; whats one to do? Well, we do have some options... Canon does have 2 holdovers from their 2009 lineup that will remain for the time being: The compact 12 megapixel SD780IS with 3x zoom & HD video, which was a popular seller over the holidays. The other is the A1100IS (shown here),  also 12 megapixels with a 4x zoom that's powered by AA alkaline batteries. Both have functional viewfinders with an average coverage of 85-87%. The other option is to step up & get one of the new hybrid superzoom point & shoots that will be available shortly. Much have been written about these cameras, which combine some functions normally found in DSLRs, really long zoom ranges and HD video. Oh, yes ... and a viewfinder! On these cameras, you'll most likely get a small (only 0.2 inches!) LCD screen similar to the larger screen on the back of the camera within the viewfinder. But it will do it's job, which is to allow you to compose your in any lighting situation.  Upcoming hybrid super zoom cameras that be purchased from Camera Wholesalers will include the Nikon P100, Canon Powershot SX20IS and the already released Sony HX1 ( shown below) which has been featured in a previous post for it's panoramic shooting capabilities. These & other hybrid cameras will start at about $400 but will offer lots of extras besides the viewfinder & extra zoom. This article from the Wall Street Journal's Katherine Boehret shows how these cameras add some "va-voom" to your pictures. Come down and see the new line of these cameras at Camera Wholesalers! Just in today (2/25) is another of the hybrid superzoom cameras we recommend, the Lumix DMC-FZ35 from Panasonic, an 18x zoom model that's smaller than most of the other superzoom cameras & one of the few that'll work with a rechargeable lithium battery!

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