This week, our series of articles on cool new digital camera features will cover a curious new technology that might just bring a "smile" to your face! Most new digital cameras have incorporated "face detection" in their focusing systems that would find a face (or series of faces) within a photograph & focus on it anywhere in the picture taking area.  In addition, by automatically detecting faces in a scene, these cameras can automatically adjust focus and lighting settings. Some can even fix red-eye on the fly. Smile Shutter goes one step further by allowing the camera to take the picture ONLY when the subject(s) are smiling! Smile Shutter de Sony Cybershot DSC-T70 y DSC-T200 Sony says that their "smile shutter" technology capture smiles according to multiple factors: It looks at when a subject's cheeks and cheekbones are going higher. The camera is more likely to detect a broad smile when your teeth are showing. Smile-detection accuracy also rises, Sony says, if your subject narrows his or her eyes, and their bangs don't hang to the eyes (provided you have bangs!?!)  Sony's new technology even allows you to distinguish between the faces of children and adults! You can select “child priority” or “adult priority” and optimize focus, exposure, white balance, and flash.  Sony's face detection can adjust properly for up to eight faces — a box appears around each face in a scene on the LCD — the smile shutter feature works off of only a single face, even in a group picture. You pick the subject whose smile will press the camera into action by tapping inside the box.  Nikon's smile shutter mode goes 1 step even further, incorporating Blink Warning, which displays a warning message when the subject has blinked! These features have been added to ensure that you get the best possible portrait & family pictures possible! Wanna see how this works? C'mon in and we'll be happy to show you. You will need to smile for the camera,though.... DSLR's turn for our mini class tomorrow night. Have any questions or need help with your new digital camera? Come in for an hour of instruction & help! That's tomorrow at 7 PM, right here at the store! Next week, we'll cover "Panorama Stitch" !

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