Fall will shortly be upon us and along with it will be the throng of students that are looking for their first "real camera". As well are the folks who shot their summer pictures with a point & shoot and found it lacking in getting the pictures they wanted. So, to answer the question as to what you should consider as your next step in a good quality camera, we recommend the Nikon D3000. Combining in-camera assistance and supreme ease-of-use with Nikon's renowned technology, the D3000 is the ideal choice for people looking to upgrade from their point-and-shoot camera to a digital SLR. The D3000 features a new Guide mode — a hassle-free way for less-experienced picture-takers to master the capabilities of digital SLR cameras. Through its intuitive user-friendly interface, Guide mode assists users in choosing shooting modes for a variety of situations and, if they choose, in exploring advanced photographic techniques. From close-ups and landscapes to portraits with soft backgrounds and picture-taking opportunities of fast-moving action, Guide mode eases users into the world of digital SLR photography. In addition, settings made with Guide mode can even be fine-tuned before the shot in order to achieve the best possible photos. Despite its simple interface, the D3000 delivers exceptional picture quality. Thanks to 10.2 effective megapixels, Nikon's DX-format CCD sensor, exclusive EXPEED image processing system, and compatibility with an extensive selection of legendary NIKKOR lenses, the D3000 produces finely detailed images that can be freely cropped and enlarged while retaining sharpness.Extending the D3000's excellent performance is Nikon's exclusive Scene Recognition System, Active D-Lighting, continuous shooting up to 3 frames-per-second, advanced 3D Color Matrix Metering II, and 11-point selectable autofocus.For comfortable viewing when playing back images and retouching photos, the D3000 features a bright 3.0-in., 230k-dot TFT LCD monitor. The large monitor also improves readability of menus thanks to a font size that is 20% larger than that of the D60.Extensive in-camera image control is available using Nikon's Picture Control System, which allows users to customize key digital image characteristics to suit personal preferences. For additional creative control, the D3000 includes comprehensive in-camera editing functions via its Retouch Menu that enhance photos with a variety of effects — without the need for a computer. Whether it's grabbing point-and-shoot snapshots or exploiting techniques commonly used by more advanced photographers, the D3000 offers an easy, inviting way to experience the world of digital SLR photography and obtain beautiful pictures. So, if you're the student who wants their first "real camera" or a p&s owner that wants to take the next step, come in & let us show you the D3000. It currently sells in a kit with a Nikkor 18-55mm zoom lens for $499.95. Random Notes: The Wall Street Journal just posted an amusing and informative article on the "Non-Touristy Tourist Camera" , suggesting 4 cameras that would not only be excellent travel cameras but also allow you to be "stylishly bon-vivant in the process" !  Here's the link to the article: http://tinyurl.com/3wm7omt  Except for the Fuji X-100 (very difficult to get), we have the 3 others in stock and agree that they will be an efficent and cool addition to your traveling arsenal... Finally, The extraordinary number of photographs taken on September 11,2001 made the events of that fateful day the most photographed event in history and may have signaled the birth of citizen journalism, as well as changing our lives in countless ways. The photographic community in the tri-state metro area are commemorating the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks with a series of events and exhibits, including free admission and tours at the International Center of Photography in New York City on 9/11. For a list of these events, go to ICP's webpage on their own 9/11 events : http://www.icp.org/museum/exhibitions/remembering-911 . A number of events will take place in Fairfield County as well & can be found on http://fcbuzz.org/ .

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