Ok, so you are a prospective camera buyer who is intrigued by The Nikon D3000 mentioned below or some of the other DSLRs we've featured on our blog. But you will just NOT carry a camera of that size no matter how good it is. You wonder if there's something available that will have many (if not all) of the features of a full DSLR without the bulk. And the answer is YES!  There are some very interesting cameras using the Micro 4/3 system that will meet the needs of the on-the-go photographer that needs a truly compact camera. (Sony does as well, and we'll cover that next week). Olympus has expanded on their popular Micro 4/3 Digital PEN camera line with 3 new cameras, each with cool new features that bring them to the cutting edge in digital imaging technology. But which one of the 3 should I consider? Today, we'll briefly cover the Olympus Digital PEN Mini (The E-PM1) and we'll cover the Olympus Digital Pen Lite (The E-PL3) on Friday and their top of the line E-P3 next week. The PEN E-PM1 is the smallest, lightest, and the most portable Olympus PEN camera yet packs a powerful punch with the same amazing image quality, lightning-fast speed, and 1080i high-definition (HD) video offered by the recently introduced PEN E-P3 and PEN E-PL3. The E-PM1 represents the culmination of Olympus's quest to maximize the size/weight reduction advantages of the Micro Four Thirds System standard. The camera body alone weighs just 217 grams, while the total in actual usage (with the standard zoom lens, flash, memory card and rechargeable battery) is still the world's lightest at 401 grams. Available in a choice of six fashionable colors, this PEN model will appeal to a wide range of users with many different needs and requirements. This camera also boasts sequential shooting performance of 5 fps and image quality built on the same advanced technology that powers the E-P3, the just announced new flagship of the PEN series, continuing with Olympus's policy of providing the maximum image quality performance to all PEN models. Better-than-ever image quality is made possible by the new 12.3-megapixel High Speed Live MOS Sensor with 1080i HD movie compatibility and the new TruePic VI image processing engine. High-sensitivity shooting at ISO12800 is also possible.This camera also features the Art Filters well acclaimed with other Olympus cameras so that anyone can easily enjoy photographic expressions that used to require complicated image processing. The E-PM1 incorporates six of the most popular Art Filters, allowing users to express their unique creative vision with both still images and movies. Other features include:
  • External optional flash included (hotshoe mount)
  • 1080i AVCHD video recording
  • Dedicated video recording button
  • Face detection with eye detection autofocus
  • Built-in autofocus illuminator
  • 3D shooting mode
And here's the best part: The -E-PM1 sells in a kit with their new 14-42 mm II R f3.5/5.6 Zoom for only $499.95! We have it in stock in white (as shown), black , silver, brown, purple & pink! This just may be the camera you're looking for! So come in and take a look at the Olympus PEN Mini! We're back to basics with our in-store classes this week with our "Digital Point & Shoot" class tomorrow night at 7. Come join us for an hour that'll get you out of the "Auto" mode and show you how to take better photos!




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