The New York Times & it's readers collaborated on a massive photo project that resulted in what may be the most ambitious on line photo montage ever accumilated in one place.  "A Moment in Time" had as its goal the hope of capturing, around the world, people in their lives at nearly the same moment, 15:00:00 GMT on Sunday, May 2, 2010. And over 10,000 people worldwide (including my wife & myself) participated, resulting in an incredible mosaic of captured moments, covering every possible photo situation imaginable. As you go to the site, which has a cool interactive globe with stacked photos from the regions they were taken, you can pick categories such as families, religion, community, social issues and so on, pick the region of the world the shots were taken, then scroll and enjoy. I was surprised with the quality of images submitted and touched by the wide & emotionally compelling variety of images. So, grab a cup of or joe or tea, click above and enjoy a "Moment in Time"... (Image courtesy of The New York Times/ Lens) Kudos to James Estrin, David Dunlap and their team from the Times for tackling such a massive undertaking!  As for our images, we captured our favorite subjects, Roman & Espy playing in our backyard. Wanna see? Here they are!  & Basic DSLR mini class tomorrow at 7, BTW!

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