We've spent a lot of time writing about p&s cameras with a viewfinder, so how 'bout we give mad props (that's much deserved praise for those over 16...) to a camera that's thin, compact, brightly screened and LOADED with features! (Photo courtesy of Sony) The Sony Cybershot DSC-TX1  was featured in a previous post which lauded it's "Bionz" processor for superior low light capabilities. In addition, this baby has a ultra-sharp Carl Zeiss lens with a 4x optical zoom, a bright 3" touchscreen LCD panel, 720P HD movie capabilities & ultra contemporary features such as sweep panorama & smile shutter! There's even a "pet mode" for taking pictures of your 4 legged loved ones, helping to alleviate issues with blurring and pet red-eye (which warms our hearts  for obvious reasons!). And at 0.6" thick, it's thinner that the average slice of (challah) bread! We bring this to your attention because the TX1 is now on sale at a very attractive price. After a $30 instant rebate, the TX1 can be yours (in gray as shown, pink and blue)  for only $349.95! Come in & take a look ! Here's a great review of the TX1  from wired.comhttp://www.wired.com/reviews/product/pr_sony_tx1

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