Here's our 2nd installment on how to take a perfect portrait photo for your loved one for Valentine's Day. And it involves what are called the "windows of the soul"... Tip #2 - Get Eye Contact The eyes are often speaks volumes when someone's portrait is taken, so get up close so just the subject’s face and maybe a little shoulder can be seen. A striking & personal effect can be achieved by having the subject look straight into the camera lens .This is also quite powerful when there is little or nothing is in the background to distract the viewer in any way. The photo of Kim in our previous post is a good example of this principle as well. Which brings me to Tip #2 1/2, which goes well with Tip #2 in this case: The subject of your portrait (and affection) can be your pet!  This is a wonderful time to get a shot of your animal companion that will foster fond memories to years to come! (Photo by Fred Bonilla). Consider including the family pet(s) in your loved one's portrait; they can add a relaxed, comfortable effect to the final result. We'll post an article on taking great pet pictures soon. Tip #3 will come on Wednesday (which involves light...), but Canon fired a countering salvo to Nikon's new Coolpixs and introduced their new cameras, including the T2i, which we'll cover tomorrow.  

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