Ok, folks... We listened to your requests and we're happy to announce that we now sell two of the new & latest Lensbabies products: The Composer and The Scout! The award-winning Composer is among their most popular lenses. It ships with the Double Glass Optic which provides a tack-sharp Sweet Spot of focus surrounded by blur, with minimum diffusion at all aperture settings. It is compatible with all optics in the Lensbaby Optic Swap System. The Composer’s design is based on a ball and socket configuration that delivers smooth creative effects photography with ease. Simply tilt the lens to a desired angle then focus with a manual focusing ring. Smooth & precise, The Composer comes with the Double Glass Optic installed.  The Composer is a breeze to use. Simply bend the lens to move the Sweet Spot and then focus. The Composer stays in its bent position without needing to be locked. If you want to ensure the Composer will not move during an extended shooting session, you can lock the lens's position by rotating the Locking Ring. This locking feature makes the Composer ideal for studio photography or for longer or repeated exposures.
The Scout gives photographers a versatile, fun and affordable option for Fisheye photography. The first Lensbaby lens that does not bend, Scout is ideally suited for Fisheye photography because your image will always be perfectly centered.The Fisheye Optic offers two special features - creative lens flare when pointed toward a bright light source, and extreme close focus for a truly unique view of the world around you. The Scout is also compatible with all other Lensbaby optics, giving full access to the wide range of creative photography effects offered within the Lensbaby Optic Swap™ System.  Scout is easy to use - simply compose your image, rotate to focus, and shoot! The Fisheye Optic features a creative lens flare effect that causes the edge areas that would ordinarily be black, to glow with color whenever there are bright light sources in the image. This lens flare effect is particularly apparent when shooting with a full frame camera though it is also noticeable when shooting with APS-sized sensors. To explore this fun, unique effect, point your Scout with Fisheye Optic toward different kinds and colors of light sources.Also, the ability to focus one half inch in front of the lens provides an extraordinary way to explore macro photography. Get close enough to a flower to nearly touch it – while capturing the entire garden surrounding it in the frame. We currently carry these lenses in Canon & Nikon mounts for $249.95 each. You can click onto the following link for more information and examples of what these 2 Lensbabies can do! (Images courtesy of Lensbaby) http://lensbaby.com/index.php

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