So you're interested in the new Olympus PEN cameras and are intrigued with the PEN Mini that's described below. But you'd like something that's a little better; a sturtier metal body and a tilt screen,perhaps. Say no more, for the next new PEN that is available is their PEN Lite E-PL3... The Olympus PEN E-PL3 combines pro quality with the portability of a point-and-shoot and features found on bulkier DSLR-type cameras.  Offering something for everyone, The E-PL3 is packed with the technology and image quality normally found in a DSLR; it’s the size of a small, portable point-and-shoot camera and can easily travel with you. Its 3-inch, tilting high-resolution LCD screen helps you see high above the crowd to capture amazing stills and HD video of live performances, sports events and more. Easily move to eye-level to capture superb detail of children at play or even lower to the ground to record baby’s first steps or a pet soundly sleeping. Never worry about missing a spontaneous moment because the E-PL3 shoots at 5 frames per second. Offering the versatility of interchangeable lenses, excellent quality low-light shooting thanks to the camera’s AF Illuminator, a high ISO of up to 12,800, with a blazing fast autofocus system, a 12.3-megapixel Live MOS Image Sensor and TruePic™ VI Image Processor, the Olympus PEN E-PL3 becomes the ultimate travel companion. Discretely document all of the color and pageantry of the city, even in low-light, as you make your way to your next destination.Staying in for a more relaxed evening at home? Tech-enthusiasts will want to keep the E-PL3 ready by their side to capture friends and family, while showcasing their creativity. Easy-to-use technologies like in-camera Art Filters and image effects empower users to apply their unique artistic vision to images and videos so they can easily share professional-quality creations. Accessing all of the camera’s options is quick and easy with a new intuitive interface. In addition to the included lens, the camera also comes with an external flash for low light photography and a host of other essential accessories. Along with capturing RAW and JPEG images, the E-PL3 also takes 3D photos in the MPO format. And, as is one of the hallmarks of the Micro Four Thirds genre, the camera also records 1080/60i HD video in AVCHD or AVI Motion-JPEG formats. Up to 29 minutes of video can be recorded using the camera. Features like Live View and a generous 3.0", tiltable LCD screen helps to capture even more dynamic footage with ease. Better built with upgraded features, the E-PL3 may be the camera you've been waiting for! It's available in Black or Silver (as shown) with it's 14-42mm zoom lens for $699.95. Come in and check out the PEN Lite today! On Monday, we'll tell you about the top of the line entry in Olympus' PEN series, The E-P3.

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Ron Lewis

Ron Lewis

Looking for the Nikon D – 100.

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