A good number of our customers come to us and ask for us to equip them for a safari. It seems that you'll get all sorts of information from tour operators on what clothes to bring, what shots to get and visa/customs information, but very little info on what sort of photo equiptment to bring. In last Sunday's New York Times' travel section, staff photographer James Hill wrote a very informative & concise article called "Framing A Safari" in which he gives practical advise on what equipment to bring (for example, bringing 1 DSLR camera will work just fine) as well as examples of various safari shots with technical specs on each one  - a useful addition! We have experience in getting you the right camera/lens combination for if you're going on a safari, plus all the extras you'll need while you're there. We're even considering a special class for safari goers later this year. Stay tuned and in the meanwhile, enjoy the article and watch for new camera introductions and other photo news in the coming weeks. And join us if you can for our "Digital Point & Shoot Basics" class on Thursday (3/8) at 7PM.

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