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How To Shoot A Safari

A good number of our customers come to us and ask for us to equip them for a safari. It seems that you'll get all sorts of information from tour operators on what clothes to bring, what shots to get and visa/customs information, but very little info on what sort of photo equiptment to bring. In last Sunday's New York Times' travel section, staff photographer James Hill wrote a very informative & concise article called "Framing A Safari" in which he gives practical advise on what equipment to bring (for example, bringing 1 DSLR camera will work just fine) as well as examples of...

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Check Out What's New!

There's been a slew of new camera & lens introductions in the last few many that we'll have to cover them bit by bit. If  you want to go to one place where you can check all the new intros in one spot, check out . We feel it's the best website out there than can give unbiased and detailed reviews of all the current & upcoming camera equiptment. Next to us, of course... We'll start our new camera blog posts with the Canon T3I (pictured) on Monday (3/7) then cover other new items from Canon, Nikon, Casio and Olympus....

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Valentine Portrait Ideas - Tip #2

Here's our 2nd installment on how to take a perfect portrait photo for your loved one for Valentine's Day. And it involves what are called the "windows of the soul"... Tip #2 - Get Eye Contact The eyes are often speaks volumes when someone's portrait is taken, so get up close so just the subject’s face and maybe a little shoulder can be seen. A striking & personal effect can be achieved by having the subject look straight into the camera lens .This is also quite powerful when there is little or nothing is in the background to distract the viewer in any...

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