As the day approaches for our macro class at the Italian Center, we want to announce our next off-site photo class - A Kids Sport Photography Seminar on Sunday, June 1st!


While we give an action & sports class every quarter at the store, we found that we needed to offer a class solely devoted to kids & sports for all our soccer moms and lacrosse dads out there, as well as those whose kids are in karate, marching band, cheerleading, baseball, football, track, swimming...well, you get the idea! And if you're a mom/dad of a fast moving infant or toddler, this class is for you,too!

Registration can be done on-line by clicking here but don't delay for seating is limited and class space will fill up fast!

And a reminder...registration for our macro class will end on Friday (3/21) at 5PM so please contact us if you wish to attend our afternoon session from 2-4:30 PM AND our photo class this week is for all those who have taken our DSLR basics class and want to know what next steps you can take to further improve your photography. Called "Beyond The Basics", it's a 90 minute class and will meet at the rear of the store on Thursday (3/20) at 6PM.

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