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The best thing since sliced bread (and thinner,too!)

We've spent a lot of time writing about p&s cameras with a viewfinder, so how 'bout we give mad props (that's much deserved praise for those over 16...) to a camera that's thin, compact, brightly screened and LOADED with features! (Photo courtesy of Sony) The Sony Cybershot DSC-TX1  was featured in a previous post which lauded it's "Bionz" processor for superior low light capabilities. In addition, this baby has a ultra-sharp Carl Zeiss lens with a 4x optical zoom, a bright 3" touchscreen LCD panel, 720P HD movie capabilities & ultra contemporary features such as sweep panorama & smile shutter! There's even...

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I can see for miles & miles...(#6)

This week, we'll finally cover a cool & unique feature that makes it easy to get great, professional looking panoramic photos using your point & shoot digital camera. It's called "panorama stitching". "Stitching" is the term people use to refer to taking (as input) a series of digital photos and producing (as output) a final panorama. One of the quickest ways to start creating panoramas is by using what is called 'image stitching software'. This software works by taking individual images and 'stitching' them together to make a panorama. You may have seen the tv commercial that shows how easy...

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